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Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Plot Summary: It is the first year of Germany's occupation of France. Allied officer Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) assembles a team of Jewish soldiers to commit violent acts of retribution against the Nazis, including the taking of their scalps. He and his men join forces with Bridget von Hammersmark, a German actress and undercover agent, to bring down the leaders of the Third Reich. Their fates converge with theater owner Shosanna Dreyfus, who seeks to avenge the Nazis' execution of her family.

The Stanley Rubric:

Legacy: 7

Impact/Significance: 4

Novelty: 7.5

Classic-ness: 8

Rewatchability: 5

Audience Score: 8.8

Recognition: Nominated for Best Picture, Director, Original Screenplay, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Cinematography, and Film Editing; Won for Best Supporting Actor.

Total: 40.3

Best Performance: Christoph Waltz

Best Scene: Waltz v. Pitt, Basement Tavern

Best Line: "You Know, Fightin’ In A Basement Offers A Lot Of Difficulties. Number one being, you’re fightin’ in a basement!"

Most Indelible Moment: Waltz v. Pitt, Hitler laughing at the shootings, Goebbels being congratulated

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