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Home Alone (1990)

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Plot Summary: When bratty 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) acts out the night before a family trip to Paris, his mother (Catherine O'Hara) makes him sleep in the attic. After the McCallisters mistakenly leave for the airport without Kevin, he awakens to an empty house and assumes his wish to have no family has come true. But his excitement sours when he realizes that two con men (Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern) plan to rob the McCallister residence, and that he alone must protect the family home.

*Recognition: Nominated for Best Original Score (John Williams) and Best Song (Somewhere in My Memory).

What is this movie is about?: You never know what you've got til it's gone.

Best Performance: Catherine O'Hara (Kate McCallister)/Macaulay Culkin (Kevin)

Best Secondary Performance: John Hughes (Writer/Producer)/Joe Pesci-Daniel Stern (The Wet Bandits)

Most Charismatic Award: Daniel Stern (Marv)

Best Scene: Old Man Marley at Church

Favorite Scene: Old Man Marley Reunites

Most Indelible Moment: All the Booby Traps

Best Lines:

Kate McCallister: There are 15 people in this house and you’re the only one who has to make trouble.

Marley: You can be too old for a lot of things, but you’re never too old to be afraid.

Kate: I don’t care if I have to get out on your runway and hitchhike! If it costs me everything I own, if I have to sell my soul to the devil himself, I am going to get home to my son.

Kevin: This is my house, I have to defend it.

Funniest Line:

Kevin: Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen.

Kevin: Has this toothbrush been approved by the American Dental Association?

The Stanley Rubric:

Legacy: 7.75

Impact/Significance: 8.5

Novelty: 7

Classic-ness: 8.5

Rewatchability: 7.5

Audience Score: 8.0

Total: 47.25

Remaining Questions:

  • Why wouldn't the police do a further investigation with a reported 8-year old by himself?

  • How does an 8-year old kid know how to do laundry, grocery shopping, take care of anything without the internet?

  • How much clean-up was there?

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