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What I've Been Watching (Quarantine Edition, Week 1)

Inglorious Basterds (Greatest Movie of All-Time Podcast)

-Listen to the podcast on Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Overcast, Pocketcasts, and RadioPublic

*Recommendation Rating: Funny yet Violent Adult High-Concept Viewing

Bodyguard (Season 1) - Netflix Original

-This six-part season packs a big punch and really brings the tension throughout. It follows Police Sargeant David Budd (Richard Madden) as he transitions between foiling a terrorist plot on a train to guarding the British Home Secretary (possibly the equivalent of the US Chief of Staff or Attorney General) to finally being dragged into the ever-unfolding multi-level government conspiracy. Race with PS Budd all the way to the thrilling conclusion.

*Recommendation Rating: Tense Adult Moderate w/ some High-Concept Viewing

Troop Zero - Amazon Prime Production

-This small budget indie film follows young Christmas Flint an outer space obsessed elementary school girl from Wiggly, Georgia in 1977 who has lost her mother the year before. Flanked by great actresses Allison Janney and Viola Davis as well as the (IMO) best current stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan, this story traces Christmas' desire to win the Birdies' (like the Girl Scouts) Jamboree competition in order to record a message that will be sent into outer space.

*Recommendation Rating: Fun Family Casual Viewing

The Farewell - Amazon Prime Produced

-Billi (as brilliantly played by Awkwafina in a Golden Globe winning performance) finds out her grandmother in China has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and only has a short time left to live. Unfortunately, Chinese tradition dictates that the family collectively not tell her about her illness. So, under the guise of a wedding for her cousin, Billi and her family all travel back to China to say their not so goodbyes to their matriarch. (Special Note: Awkwafina is an amazing piano player and just purely talented.)

*Recommendation Rating: Well Done Drama that will Tug at the Heart-Strings (unfortunately for some, almost all in subtitles)

Justified (Ep. 1.1-1.3) FX

-This previously Emmy-nominated show is one I'm extremely late on, but started on public recommendation. For me, this has been a difficult show to be able to sink my teeth into due to its early procedural type of formula. I am holding out hope that the cliche renegade angry cop on the edge trope will be replaced by something else soon.

*Early Recommendation Rating: Casual Procedural Viewing So Far

Westworld (Ep. 3.1) HBO

-This season I am hoping for a lot closer to season 1 where the high-minded concepts seemed to pay off in their conclusions as opposed to season 2 where they seemed to lead to newer complicated narratives. I still have yet to figure where this is going, but the new character Aaron Paul is playing will seemingly be a nice edition.

*Recommendation Rating: One of my Favorite Shows when it Hits the Right Notes

My Weekly Shows:

This is Us (Ep. 4.17) NBC

-We're starting to see the narrative of the flash forward come together. While we still haven't seen how Kevin is going to end up married, we are seeing the friction between the siblings coming to a head, and where Randall will end up by season's end. I have very much enjoyed seeing Randall's development through therapy, and I am glad the show is devoting some time to mental health.

Superstore (Ep. 5.18) NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Ep. 7.8) NBC

- Fun episode this week. Some of the best all-time episodes have been when Craig Robinson guest stars.

Blackish (Ep. 6.18) ABC

A Million Little Things (Ep. 2.18) ABC

-One episode left for the season, and we were left with a bit of cliffhanger here. What happened to Eddie's dead friend, and what was his role in it. It seems like every major character's arc is up in the air here, and we could get just about anything next week.

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