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What I've Been Watching (March 2021)

New Watches:

The Big Bang Theory (Seasons 7-10) - HBO Max

I May Destroy You (Season 1) - HBO Max

Coming to America (1988) - Prime Video

Borat Subsequent MovieFilm (2020) - Prime Video

Q: Into the Storm (Eps. 1-6) - HBO Max

My Weekly Shows:

Wandavision (Ep. 9) - Disney+

Ruling: Underwhelming, good at moving the ball and setting up the next part, but this was disappointingly below average for me in conceit and execution.

Black-ish (Eps. 7.14-16) - ABC

Ruling: Good relaxing watch, but that can be enlightening, instructive, and thought-provoking.

This Is Us (Eps. 5.10-11) - NBC

Ruling: I rate the quality of episodes based on the amount of times I cry. I haven't cried a lot lately, and yet I'm still engaged as ever. I don't know what that mean, but I hope to find out.

Superstore (Eps. 6.11-15) - NBC

Rating: The ending was a nice moment with Garrett that saved me from completely eye-rolling with the almost too predictable endings for every character. The ending was fine. It wasn't surprising or great, but it thankfully at least didn't ruin anything about the series in the way that many parts of the last two seasons start to.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Eps. 1-2) Disney+

Ruling: Good action sequences, but I agree with a lot of the reviews that say this is a 4.5-5 hour movie told across 6 episodes. Thus, the episode cuts seem herky-jerky, and I can't engage with the material as much as I would like. I understand that Disney is trying to create weekly buzz by releasing these one at a time, but I think it would be better for the viewer to dump them all at once.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - HBO

Ruling: The 60 Minutes of my generation week after week, and still as good as ever.

**Greatest Movie of All-Time Podcast Watches:

March 3 - Wall-E (2008) - Disney+

March 10 - The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - Prime/IMDBtv

March 17 - Aliens (1986) - HBOMax

March 24 - The Quiet Man (1952) - Prime/PlutoTV

March 31 - Idiocracy (2006) - HBOMax

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