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What I've Been Watching (Nov. 28 - Dec. 2)

It's been a lighter week so far due to Thanksgiving and most of the shows being off, but here are the few that have been in my view this week.

Jack Ryan Ep. 206

-This episode really raised the stakes in a way that hadn't felt really earned yet this season. While the action scenes keep getting bigger and better, the rest of the show felt muddled at best, at least in my opinion. That being said, I'm assuming this will be the kickoff of the climax of the season (especially with that cliffhanger), and I'm hoping for more than the unsatisfying ending to season 1.

The Crown Ep. 301

-This continues to be one of the best written shows on TV. Much like Skyfall did for James Bond in moving him into a different era by presenting him with a modern type opposition and updating all the classic parts every fan knew, the pilot for season 3 moves this show forward. As I pointed out in a weekly preview article two weeks ago, I couldn't think of another show that recast all of its major characters in the middle of the show like this. However, the Crown elegantly pulls off the feat in a number of ways especially in the opening scene. The brilliance in writing and directing is seen in the show's master stroke of showing not telling the audience about the major shifts in the show. This is elegantly done in the first scene by using side by side portraits of the two actresses (younger and older Elizabeth) in updating the postage stamps. It is finally accomplished by driving home that the show is well and truly in the Cold War shown through rumors of the PM as a spy, Churchill's passing, and the rooting out of another spy at Buckingham Palace. I can't wait to see what else they have for me this season.

Jack Ryan Ep. 207 & 208

-The season wrap up was exciting as we get resolution for all of the major players throughout the season, and it sets up where we will see Jack at the beginning of next season. However, like last season, it builds up to a climactic moment, rushes it, and then gives very little resolution or fallout from there. Additionally, for being a traitor, the shoehorning of the plotline at the end was unnecessary, predictable, and unearned. If you wanted to do something there, gives us a little more than 3 minutes at the end of the season.

The Mandalorian Ep. 104

-I've enjoyed this show to this point, and it has been entertaining. Yet, did they really have to RIP off the basic plotline of the Magnificent 7 for this episode. What are we going to get next week...the Searchers?

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