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What I've Been Watching (Nov. 12 - Nov. 27, 2019)

I apologize that this is very late, but here goes:

Jack Ryan (Prime) - Ep. 204, 205

- Hopefully, I will finish this soon, and you can check back at the end of the season.

Modern Love (Prime) - Ep. 102, 103

- The second episode really sucked me in as I thought Katherine Keener and Dev Patel were amazing in it, but it was episode three watching Anne Hathaway struggle through the narration of her Bi-Polar disorder that was truly moving.

Last Week Tonight (HBO) - November 17, 2019

- The unfortunate end to yet another fantastic season of some of the best "journalism" on TV. Yes, journalism. If you don't think so, watch the show.

Patriot Act (Netflix) - Asylum Seekers in the Trump Era, Fast Fashion

- Still bringing it with two well done shows.

Silicon Valley (HBO) - Ep. 601, 602, 603, 604, 605

- I'm basically hate-watching this show at this point. The characters all seem like the very thing they sought to undermine in earlier episodes, and this is no longer fun as every single primary character seems irredeemable. (except maybe Jared) Such a waste.

This is Us (NBC) - Ep. 408, 409

- Clearly something is going to happen with the flash forward at the end of the fall finale with Randall, and the best guess would be that his attempts to help Rebecca are not received well by the rest of the family. There are plenty of loose threads to continue with for the rest of the season, but this show just continues to deliver week after week.

The Good Place (NBC) - Ep. 408, 409

- Just when I thought this show was running out of good ideas and heart in 408, they pull off an amazing episode in 409. I won't spoil it, but you'll remember why you watch this show if you do by the end of 409.

The Mandalorian (Disney+) - Ep. 101, 102, 103

- A wonderfully engaging start to a new series, but I am kind of peeved that we are currently only getting one episode a week.

Superstore - Ep. 508, 509

- There's really not much to say here anymore.

A Million Little Things - Ep. 208, 209

- A great ending to the fall side by revisiting many of the original plot points set out in the pilot: the affair, suicide, Jon's parentage, Gary and Maggie's relationship. It wraps up many of the storylines that have been building since the beginning, and sets us on an exciting path forward for the rest of the season.

Blackish - Ep. 606, 607

- While this show still holds cultural relevance for communicating black culture and themes, it just feels as if none of the characters are moving forward at all. Unfortunately, this happens to just about every sitcom where the initial tensions of the show are resolved, and then we settle into the malaise of weekly comfort watching. That being said, I don't need them to completely take a timeout again like the end of season 4 to get heavy even if it was some of the most daring and ambitious TV writing I've seen in quite a while especially on network TV.

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