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What I've Been Watching (Back in Quarantine, for Now Hopefully)

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Greatest Movie of All-Time Podcast) - Currently on Netflix

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Ocean's Eleven (2001) - AMC

- One of my go-to comfort movies; I caught this on my dad's DVR for an AMC marathon, and it never disappoints me. It's still funny in the spots it's supposed to be, other than tech, it hasn't aged poorly, and the ending is still as rewarding as the first time. It's simply a fun, caper movie in an era where we rarely have these anymore, and the star power from these movies is extraordinary.

Ocean's Twelve (2004) - AMC

- The sequel to the remake. This is probably the worst of the three Ocean's movies, and it is still pretty good. It has aged on me better as time has gone on. The campy-ness of the ending still doesn't sit well, and the reveal seemingly undercuts the majority of the film for me. Yet, it is still fun and great.

Ordinary People (1980) - HBO Max

- Another Best Picture Winner, this wasn't nearly as distressing a movie as I was led to believe. It was my first time with this film, but I am looking forward to the eventual rewatch for the Greatest Movie of All-Time Podcast. Both the scenes with Timothy Hutton breaking down then followed by Donald Sutherland's sobbing confession are great achievements for this film, and emotional depth as a whole. I am always interested in movies that stretch my perspective on emotional knowledge, and this definitely did that. It certainly not for those that don't want to be moved.

The Third Man (1949) - TCM

- A post-war noir caper that feels somehow fun. The famous zither-only score creates a fun, light atmosphere that carries the tone throughout, and the "dutch angle" shots seem creative even if overused. The reveal in the middle of the movie is surprising and not-surprising given the other movies that have used this trope since. I did kind of see it coming due to the large billing that Orson Welles was given for this movie, but I wasn't sure how they were going to use him until that moment. Outside of that, I'm not sure I am as high on this movie as many others are, but I think this will grow on me for the eventual rewatch.

My Weekly Shows:

Perry Mason (Ep. 1.3) - HBO Max

- After three weeks, we finally get past the introductions and into the heart of the matter. Now, we have something to build on. The past few weeks have led me to believe this is a better bingable show than a weekly, and this episode cements that. There's too much here to have to wait week to week, and it sucks you in too much to what is really going on to have such pauses in between episodes. That being said, this show has now hooked me, and I'm glad to be along for the ride. Most of the characters are firmly presented and can now act accordingly through the rest of the season.

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