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Week in Review (Nov 14 - Nov 18, 2019)

Tua Tagovailoa

- The projected #1 pick in the NFL Draft got hurt in what was essentially garbage time or 2-minute drill practice in the 1st half with a dislocated hip. I sincerely hope that he is ok, and can have a productive professional career because the type of injury does give me pause since it is the type of injury that ended Bo Jackson's career.

With that said, let's stop trying to have things both ways. The college analysts who are questioning why he was even in the game need to stop because they're the same ones who bitch and moan when someone doesn't play in a needless bowl game. Stop it.

Moreover, does this mean the end of the Alabama run. For years, we have been able to just pencil in both Alabama and Clemson into the playoff. I highly doubt that Alabama has the schedule nor staying power to do so this year now after both this injury and the LSU loss last weekend.

Finally, what does this mean for the so-called "tanking for Tua". Well, it's obviously over for now, but, depending on the severity and the recovery, I think someone could get a hell of a steal here. I wasn't sure about Tua just being able to drop into any system and succeed. Yet, could this mean he drops far enough to get to a team like the Patriots, Saints, or 49ers? Could he end up on a decent all around Steelers team? It certainly raises my level of intrigue as we watch things play out.

Streaming Wars

- Disney+ released last week, and, if you ignore the expected bugs that were bound to happen with such a rollout (remember, this is what many people, including myself, what would be the official kickoff of the streaming wars. Disney is the first major studio to decide to forgo Netflix in favor of their own service. I don't care what you say about AppleTV, Amazon, or Hulu; none of them brings the same type of direct threat to Netflix as Disney primarily because of their totality of IP (i.e. Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Mickey, and 20th Century Fox and TV).

Since I have a 10-year bet riding on the outcome of the streaming wars, I am fascinated by whether Netflix can remain the power it has been especially with Comcast Network coming in Spring 2020 and Warner Bros/HBO after that. Netflix is bringing an especially good set of films for awards season this fall so color me curious.

College Football Playoff

- I hope it's not just me getting pumped for the potential matchups in the College Football Playoff. While some of this has been on cruise control for a few weeks now since Wisconsin lost to Illinois dampening their game with Ohio St (with the exception of that classic between LSU and Alabama), the potential matchups in the playoff would potentially feature by far the best teams this year in college. Clemson just won their 4th straight by 45 or more, Ohio St is cruising, and LSU just beat down Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The only question will be who gets #1 so as to avoid a monumental clash with another titan. No offense to Alabama, Georgia, Penn St, Florida, Oregon, or Utah, but just a basic eye test will tell you that none of these are on the same level as Clemson, Ohio St, or LSU this year. I can't wait to see any of those three go head to head. It's going to be fun watching the best on the best.

Lamar Jackson

- I will certainly admit, I never saw this one coming. I remember watching Lamar Jackson in college just torch teams with his legs on long 50, 60, or even 70 scramble TDs, but God, this is getting ridiculous. Much like Cam Newton during his MVP season, Jackson is just unstoppable. However, while I do expect this to continue this year, what is the shelf-life of this long term? I watched two consecutive collegiate years of Jackson go down in flames because he would take so many hits that, by the end of the season, he wouldn't be the same player. There is still a reason that running back is the position with the shortest careers. That many hits will eventually take its toll somewhere, but I am certainly going to enjoy the show while it lasts.

Browns-Steelers Brawl

- This was a particularly ugly moment for the NFL. I think it is comparable but not similar to the Malice in the Palace from when I was growing up. A situation that quickly escalated because of a group of undisciplined players lost control. Make no mistake, Myles Garrett is a very talented player that, if he ever fully realizes it, would be a potential HOFer. However, he is going to be made an example of here. The egregiousness of swinging a weapon at another player should be a stiff and severe penalty even without the particular history of a player like Vontaze Burfict. Something like this in primetime is a stain on "the Shield", and this is the type of crap that fans can't look away from, but are disgusted by. Hopefully, lessons are learned; thankfully, no one was hurt; and we can move forward without this crap.

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