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Week in Review (Dec 2-9)

Ravens - 49ers

- The game was sloppy, but it should be noted that, while the 49ers dropped to the 5th spot in the NFC due to the Seahawks, their only two losses this year are on last second field goals. It is going to be extremely difficult to beat them. Also, the Ravens are absolutely for real. I had my doubts several weeks ago, and I continued to allow small levels of doubt to stay after the Patriots win thinking it was fluky. I definitely can't say that now. This is the most likely Super Bowl matchup right now if there are no major injuries involved.

Iron Bowl and the End of an Era?

- How the mighty have fallen. Once again, Malzahn saves his job by beating their most hated rival (let's be honest, it's the only game that matters to Auburn fans anyway). Moreover, they delivered the death nail to Alabama's playoff hopes this year that I already thought were slim. This will be the first year of the playoff's history that Alabama is not involved. (*I don't think they should have been in the playoff the famous Tua-Substitution year) I was personally rooting for this only in that college football gets stagnate if the same teams always win, but I will assuredly pick Alabama back to the playoff next season.

College Rivalry Week

- Oh, how you never disappoint rivalries. Michigan gets smoked in the second half by one of the most complete college football teams I can remember, but still gives us a classic Harbaugh post-game interview. The Iron Bowl lives up to the hype despite the Tua injury. We have trophies claimed all over the place with kids running around like they're carrying the Lombardi, and the Badgers take back their rightful birthright. This is always a fun week of football.

Fantasy Football Regular Season

- So, the regular season is over, yet again, for most, and it is over, yet again, way too soon. As an avid player, my goal each year is to make the playoffs in every league I enter, and I accomplished that yet again. There are three parts to each season, and the best players will win two of those parts each and every year. The Draft/Preseason, the Regular Season, and the Playoffs. Good luck to all those playoff entries this year, and I hope I win.

Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

- Just a quick belated Thanksgiving and Holiday season to everyone. Thanksgiving is my personal favorite holiday, and I took the opportunity to express my personal gratitude to all the people I am most thankful for. I would encourage everyone to let those who mean most to you, what they mean to you. With that, on to the commercial Christmas season, and the claustrophobic family time.

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