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Week in Preview (Dec 2-9)

Saints - 49ers

- This is likely to have significant playoff implications for the NFC. First, if the Saints win, I think there is no way the NFC is not going through New Orleans. Second, if the 49ers win, then that sets up one of the most actually consequential week 17 games in recent history when the 49ers go to Seattle because it could decide home field for the winner plus the bye. (Don't give me those old division winner makes the playoffs crap games where we all knew Dallas wasn't winning the Super Bowl that year). I am going to have fun with this one especially because the Packers should blow out the Redskins at home. Should!

Conference Championships and the Playoff

- This is one of the best college football weeks every year because there are only a handful of games, they are all in primetime, and all of them seem to matter to the postseason and THERE'S A CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE LINE! For me, Go Badgers! I'm hoping they can keep it respectable to earn a Rose Bowl invite to add to Paul Chryst's New Year's Six Bingo Card along with the Cotton and Orange Bowl wins, but I will of course be watching all the other huge games especially the Pac-12, Big-12, and SEC games as they will all have big implications and intrigue.

Final NFL Playoff Push

- Did you ever hear, the games don't matter til December...Well, December is here. Chiefs-Patriots, Saints-49ers, Bills-Ravens, Bills-Steelers, Texans-Titans (2x), Bills-Patriots, Packers Vikings, Ravens-Steelers, and 49ers-Seahawks all over the next four weeks. Damn I love late season football (even if I abhor January weather).

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

- I just simply love this show, and it is the only one both of my parents actually ask me each year when it is coming back. It is lovely, funny, engaging, charismatic, and just plain good. Watch this show if you haven't already!

Christmas Movies List

- There are so many good movies that people associate with the holidays, but, while I personally would just endorse people watching good movies no matter the season, here are the qualifications you must have to be a Christmas movie: it has to be more than just it happened during Christmas in the movie (I'm looking at you Die Hard, Home Alone, and It's A Wonderful Life), and it must have something bigger to do with Christmas than just love, family, etc. Thus, these are actual Christmas movies: Elf, the Santa Claus, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, any of the old claymation movies, and Scrooged. If you don't understand my qualifications, that's why I have a comment section.

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