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The Hangover (2009)


  • Todd Phillips, Director

  • Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, Writers

  • Christophe Beck, Music

  • Bradley Cooper as Phil

  • Ed Helms as Stu

  • Zach Galifianakis as Alan

  • Justin Bartha as Doug

  • Heather Graham as Jade

  • Sasha Barrese as Tracy

  • Jeffrey Tambor as Sid

  • Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow

  • Rachael Harris as Melissa

  • Mike Tyson as himself

  • Mike Epps as Black Doug

  • Matt Walsh as Dr. Valsh

  • Rob Riggle as Officer Franklin

  • Cleo King as Officer Garden

  • Bryan Callen as Eddie


  • The Hangover was wide released on June 5, 2009. (Making the release date of this episode exactly 15 years to the date)

  • On a budget of $35 million, the film would go on to gross $469.3 million worldwide and become the #6 grossing film in the US in 2009. It was also the highest grossing R-rated comedy until Deadpool (2016).

  • Out of all R-rated films, it is the sixth-highest-grossing ever in the United States, behind The Passion of the Christ, Deadpool, American Sniper, It and The Matrix Reloaded.

  • The film was mildly popular among the critics with some outright panning it, but it would go on to be included in the AFI's Top 10 films of 2009, receive numerous nominations among critics circles and awards circuits for its editing, screenplay, and for Best Comedy of the year.

  • The film's impact was also felt in several other places. It was reported in 2013 that as of that year, guests were still continuing to quote to Caesars staff two lines from the film's check-in scene: "Did Caesar live here?" and "Do you know if the hotel is pager-friendly?" As a result of the film, Hangover-themed slot machines became popular at casinos throughout the Las Vegas Valley, the Caesars Palace gift shop sold tens of thousands of Hangover-related souvenirs, and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority received numerous inquiries from persons interested in recreating some of the film's most wild scenes, such as those involving a tiger.

  • The Las Vegas branch of Madame Tussauds added Hangover-themed rooms recreating the hotel room and the wedding chapel and a tie-in rooftop cocktail bar, and in 2018, Hasbro issued a parody version of their board game Clue where players have to locate a missing friend somewhere in the city after a wild night of carousing.

  • The film's success would spark two sequels in 2011 and 2013 as well.

  • The Hangover currently holds a 79% among critics on RT, a 73 score on Metacritic, and a 3.6/5 on Letterboxd.

What is this movie about?/Elevator Pitch: It's a mystery movie, wrapped in a Las Vegas film, covered in comedy.

Plot Summary: "The Hangover" is a raucous comedy that transforms a bachelor party into a riotous odyssey of misadventures. Directed by Todd Phillips, the film opens with four friends heading to Las Vegas for a night of celebration, only to wake up the next morning with no memory of the previous night's events. What follows is a frenetic quest to piece together their fragmented memories and locate their missing groom.

"The Hangover" is more than just a series of outrageous gags; it's a cleverly constructed comedy that finds humor in the extremes of human behavior. While it may not delve into profound themes, it excels in delivering sheer entertainment, making it a memorable entry in the genre.

Did You Know:

  • No effects or prosthetics were created for Stu's missing tooth. Ed Helms never had an adult incisor grow, and his fake incisor was taken out for the parts of filming where Stu's tooth is missing.

  • Mike Tyson originally refused to appear in the film, but he changed his mind when he found out that Todd Phillips directed Old School, which Tyson liked. Mike Tyson revealed that he appeared in the film to fund his drug habit, and that he was high on cocaine when he filmed his scenes. Tyson later said that working on the film convinced him to change his lifestyle, and in real life, he owns seven tigers.

  • Ken Jeong's wife Tran was battling breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment, which was difficult for the family as Ken was shooting the film in Las Vegas. Bradley Cooper drove Ken to Los Angeles so he could be there for his wife. Cooper invited the couple to spend the holidays with him and his family. Ken said, "It got me through the most difficult period of my life." Tran was declared cancer-free after the film wrapped.

  • Amusingly, Alan is actually correct - card counting is NOT illegal, and is indeed only frowned upon. Casinos are not allowed to ban suspected counters, as per the Supreme Court ruling, and must rely on internal countermeasures to stop them.

  • Lindsay Lohan was offered the part of Jade, the stripper, but turned it down. She did not like the script and thought the movie would bomb. Heather Graham was given the role instead. Lohan later admitted to regretting the decision.

Best Performance: Zach Galifianakis (Alan)

Best Secondary Performance: Todd Phillips (Director)/Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (Writers)

Most Charismatic Award: Bradley Cooper (Phil)/Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow)

Best Scene:

  • Getting Measured

  • First Night

  • Waking Up

  • Mr. Chow

  • Tyson's Tiger

Favorite Scene: Mr. Chow/First Night

Most Indelible Moment: Waking Up or Reveal/Mr. Chow

In Memorium:

  • Johnny Wactor, 37, American actor (General Hospital, Siberia, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage)

  • Bill Walton, 71, American Hall of Fame basketball player (Portland Trail Blazers, Boston Celtics), and sportscaster (ESPN)

  • Albert S. Ruddy, 94, American film and television producer (The Godfather, Hogan's Heroes, Million Dollar Baby), Oscar winner (1973, 2005).

  • Morgan Spurlock, 53, American film director (Super Size Me, Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope)

  • Darryl Hickman, 92, American actor (The Grapes of Wrath, Leave Her to Heaven, Fighting Father Dunne)

  • Richard Foronjy, 86, American actor (Serpico, Midnight Run, Carlito's Way)

  • Ian Gelder, 74, British actor (Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials, Doctor Who)

  • Richard M. Sherman, 95, American film songwriter (Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), Oscar winner (1965); wrote "It's a Small World".

Best Lines/Funniest Lines:

Stu Price: She's got my grandmother's Holocaust ring!

Alan Garner: I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust.

Alan Garner: What if Doug's dead? I can't afford to lose somebody close to me again, it hurts too much. I was so upset when my grandpa died.

Phil Wenneck: How'd he die?

Alan Garner: World War II.

Phil Wenneck: Died in battle?

Alan Garner: No, he was skiing in Vermont, it was just during World War II.

Alan Garner: Can I ask you another question?

Lisa: Sure.

Alan Garner: You probably get this a lot. This isn't the real Caesar's Palace is it?

Lisa: What do you mean?

Alan Garner: Did, umm... did Caesar live here?

Lisa: No.

Alan Garner: I didn't think so.

Alan Garner: Do you know if the hotel is pager friendly?

Lisa: What do you mean?

Alan Garner: I'm not getting a sig' on my beeper.

Lisa: I'm not sure.

Alan Garner: Is there a payphone bank? Buncha payphones? Business.

Lisa: Umm, there's a phone in your room...

Alan Garner: That'll work.

Alan Garner: One of the side effects of roofies is memory loss.

Stu Price: You are literally too stupid to insult.

Alan Garner: Thank you.

Alan Garner: Hello. How 'bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it Sin City.

[awkward laughter] You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Doug home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack... it grew by one. So there... there were two of us in the wolf pack... I was alone first in the pack, and then Doug joined in later. And six months ago, when Doug introduced me to you guys, I thought, "Wait a second, could it be?" And now I know for sure, I just added two more guys to my wolf pack. Four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast!

Alan Garner: Gambling? Who said anything about gambling? It's not gambling when you know you're gonna win. Counting cards is a foolproof system.

Stu Price: It's also illegal.

Alan Garner: It's not illegal. It's frowned upon, like masturbating on an airplane.

Phil Wenneck: I'm pretty sure that's illegal too.

Alan Garner: Yeah, maybe after 9/11, where everybody got so sensitive. Thanks a lot, bin Laden.

Alan Garner: It was a real pleasure meeting you.

Melissa: Fuck off!

Alan Garner: I'm thinking about getting my bartender's license.

Melissa: Suck my dick.

Alan Garner: No, thank you.

Alan Garner: I shouldn't be here.

Doug Billings: Why is that, Alan?

Alan Garner: I'm not supposed to be within two hundred feet of a school... or a Chuck E. Cheese.

Mr. Chow: You gonna fuck on me?

Alan Garner: Nobody's gonna fuck on you! I'm on your side! I hate Godzilla! I hate him too! I hate him! He destroys cities! *Please*! This isn't your fault. I'll get you some pants.

Phil Wenneck: You're not really wearing that are you?

Alan Garner: Wearing what?

Phil Wenneck: The man purse. You actually gonna wear that or are you guys just fuckin' with me?

Alan Garner: It's where I keep all my things. Get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it's not a purse, it's called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.

Phil Wenneck: So does Joy Behar.

Sid Garner: Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Except for herpes. That shit'll come back with you.

The Stanley Rubric:

Legacy: 8.5

Impact/Significance: 9.25

Novelty: 7.75

Classic-ness: 7.25

Rewatchability: 6.25

Audience Score: 8.55 (87% Google, 84% RT)

Total: 47.55

Remaining Questions:

  • What happened to Alan's satchel?

  • Why was the tiger docile when they stole it but aggressive once it was in the bathroom?

  • Did Galifianakis take a real punch from Tyson?


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