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Text Message Breakup



Can we talk?


It's ok. I've just been thinking about everything.


I just....idk. I've been feeling different lately.

Like what?

Like I'm just not feeling the way I used to. Like there's a space growing between us. I feel like you don't really trust me anymore, and, thus, I've kinda stopped trusting you. So, we're talking less...we're seeing each maybe like once a week out of obligation. Am I crazy?

A little. I'm not really sure where this is coming from.

C'mon really?

Yes really. I realize that we haven't seen each other a lot lately, but you know what I'm dealing with at work right now being short staffed. I also didn't feel like seeing you was an obligation, but I will admit this relationship has at least not been my primary priority lately.


So, if you feel that way, I guess it begs the question: where do you want to go from here?


I'm kinda swimming atm.

You brought it up. Didn't you figure it would go like this?

I guess I didn't get to this part in my mind.

You didn't get to this part? You were only a few thoughts into did you not think this far in?

It took me so much just to build the courage to even say that.

Smh. Idk what to do for you then. I guess if we're at the point that neither of us is invested and you no longer trust me then we need to just stop.


Why? I literally just said why...

I guess I didn't think we would just end....let alone by text.

Then why did you bring up this conversation by text? You're all over the place now.

Why are you so angry with me?

Are you serious? You accuse me of a bunch of shit, you don't give me a whole lot of space to defend myself thus backing me into a corner, and you didn't have any of this conversation thought out. I don't have time to slow walk this through everything, and I don't see this going any further if we have all these problems already.

Fine, bye.


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