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Birds of Prey (A Man's World No Longer)

We've been waiting for the incoming of female led comic book movies for some time now, and many of us thought we were going to get plenty more after the huge success of Wonder Woman. This first half of the year alone we are getting the long awaited Black Widow movie, Wonder Woman 1984, and a wonderful sequel to a terrible movie (Suicide Squad) in Birds of Prey. I have to say, if this is what we have to look forward to, then I am very excited.

For those uninitiated in comic books, the Birds of Prey are a comic series of female vigilantes that fight crime. The most common members of the group have included Batwoman, Batgirl, Black Canary, and Huntress. This iteration also includes the last two as well as Renee Montoya (a detective from Batman: the Animated Series), Cassandra Cain (although this version doesn't seem to carry the same line as the comics character), and, of course, Harley Quinn.

The action picks up as Harley Quinn has just broken up with the character that has defined her throughout the comics, the Joker, and needs to figure out how to stand on her own much like her character needs to stand alone and deliver this movie thus the sub-line of the movie, the emancipation of one Harley Quinn. Yet, this is a movie all about its female stars shucking their male dominated arcs to lead their own movie. It is early on in the film that Harley delivers the most poignant lines "behind every successful man is a bad-ass woman" and "Do you know what a harlequin is? A harlequin’s role is to serve. It’s nothing without a master. And no one gives two sh*ts who we are beyond that." As we continue, this is a wonderful job of writing to be able to give all of these characters more life and depth, and allow them to lead.

For the film as a whole, it is fun, foul, violent, and off-key. It is well deserving of its R-rating, but the elements that made it that are the same ones that make it fun. The action is top-notch. The film is funny, and understands its characters and actors very well. Margot Robbie is a MOVIE STAR! She is extremely charismatic, but most of the cast is as well. Even Ewan McGregor's turn as Black Mask is weird, goofy, and enjoyable.

Ultimately, without giving any spoilers, I found this to be engaging, modern, and just plain fun. This was a great movie from DC and Warners, and I would look forward to what else they have coming (WW84 and the Batman). I would also say that this movie would have sequel, series, and off-shoot potential, but, unfortunately, it doesn't look like this movie has caught on or is going to make much money back on it.

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