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2021 NFL Season Preview and Predictions



Game of the Week

Upset of the Week


Underrated Studs of the Week

Defensive Stream of the Week

Longshot of the Week

Preseason Bold Predictions:

1. Tom: Calvin Ridley will finish as overall WR1 this year.

2. Ethan: Corey Davis will be a WR1 this year.

3. Tom: Justin Fields will be a top 10 QB at the end of the year.

4. Ethan: Austin Ekeler will end the year as a Top 5 RB.

5. Tom: Justin Jefferson will have more points this year than Stefon Diggs.

6. Ethan: Terrence Marshall Jr will lead all rookie WRs in fantasy points in 2021.

NFL Picks:

• Division Winners:

o Tom: 49ers/Packers/Buccaneers/Cowboys/Browns/Bills/Chiefs/Titans

o Ethan: Packers/Buccaneers/Cardinals/Cowboys/Chiefs/Colts/Browns/Bills

• Wild Cards:

o Tom: Seahawks/Rams/WFT/Patriots/Broncos/Chargers

• 1st round:

o Tom: Bucs beat WFT, GB beats SEA, Rams beat DAL, Bills beat Patriots, Browns beat Broncos, LAC beats Titans

• 2nd round:

o Tom: 49ers beat Rams, GB beats TB, KC beats LAC, Bills beat Browns

• Championship Games:

o Tom: 49ers beat GB, KC beats Bills

o Ethan: GB beats TB, KC beats Bills

• Super Bowl:

o Tom: KC beats 49ers again

o Ethan: GB beats KC

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