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World Series - Game 6 (2019)

Just a thought on the weird call from last night's Game 6 where Trea Turner was called out for interfering with the path of the ball at first base, and Davy Martinez was subsequently thrown out of the game.

First off, this was not the most controversial call in the history of the World Series (see Don Deckinger). However, it was the right call, and the right call in accordance with the rule. The bigger issue is that it is a rare call so people don't have the same level of experience as with several other rules. It reminds me of the Dez Bryant "catch". Similar circumstances where the correct interpretation of the rule was made. However, it was controversial because people either didn't understand that rule or didn't like the rule. Neither really holds any water anyway, at least until the offseason when this can be revisited.

Second, it played no ultimate effect on the outcome of the game. I know we will spend the rest of today talking about it endlessly on the "talking heads" shows on ESPN and Fox, but should we. Why do we need to pay so much attention to this? Furthermore, I think this was less consequential than the bad strike call in Game 5, and, at least, the conversation on that was productive in moving us toward a much needed electronic strike zone. In essence, I find this to be, at most, a filler conversation.

Finally, what was Davy Martinez doing getting thrown out of the game? They literally gave him the most legitimate leash I have seen from MLB umpires ever in both Games 5 and 6, and he still couldn't control himself enough to not put on a rather ridiculous "hold me back" show after Rendon had already homered? I won't understand that one, and he should be receiving a sizeable fine shortly.

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