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The Ten Commandments of Dynasty Football

  1. Thou Shalt Be Patient

  2. Thou Shalt Show Up to Your Draft or Reap the Consequences (Possibly for Years)

  3. Thou Shalt Not Keep a Kicker (and Probably Not a Defense Either)

  4. Thou Shalt Consider Age and Contract Situation in All Transactions

  5. Thou Shalt Not Overreact to Playoff Losses (They are Random)

  6. Thou Shalt Value Their Own Draft Picks (But They Can Still Be Leveraged When Appropriate)

  7. Thou Shalt Draft for Depth Not Immediate Starters (Very Few Exceptions)

  8. Thou Shalt Take Steps to Insure Good Schematic/Team Opportunity Positions (WR1s with Elite QBs or Zone Running Scheme 3-Down Backs - see 49ers RBs, Seattle TEs, or any Aaron Rodgers WR1)

  9. Thou Shalt Not Try to Win Every Trade

  10. Thou Shalt Have Fun (It's a Made-Up Game at the End of the Day!)

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