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LANCE (Parts 1 and 2)

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What a complicated figure in American sports culture. First off, despite doping, he is one of the greatest athletes of my lifetime and would have been if cycling was completely clean (which it very much is not). Second, the Livestrong brand, their contributions to cancer research, and the confidence he gave to people going through one of the most difficult diseases can't be undone. Third, Lance is an asshole, and was due to his competitiveness and upbringing that has nothing to do with doping.

Finally, the story of Lance Armstrong is mostly to blame on us for, yet again, building these mythical heroes that are in no way deserving of our praise. I don't care who it has been; they all have let us down in the end, and that's because they are human. We have to stop seeing characters as if they are not. I have made several majorly public mistakes in my life, and I don't want to be judged solely on my worst moments. So, ultimately, I don't blame Lance for doping, and I don't blame him for lying. I do blame him for the veracity of his lies over a decade of time, but I also recognize his contrition now years removed from everything despite not showing the emotion one might come to expect from remorse. That being said, I think the story of Lance Armstrong can now be put to bed, and the only thing left will be what we, those who built that heroic character, learn moving forward about those same mistakes.

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