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Final NFL Draft Reactions 2020

- Baltimore and Indianapolis had the best drafts. I just simply like what they were doing, and the plans they seem to have in place.

- New England and Green Bay seem to think they are smarter than the rest of us, and, while history has given them that credibility, I'm not willing to. How do you trade up twice for Tight End reaches, and, after reaching the NFC title game with a bad offense, how do you not draft a single receiver of pass catcher in the deepest draft of them for a generation? Unbelievable.

- Jonathan Taylor, DK Dobbins, Cam Akers and Clyde Edwards-Helaire went to great places for their eventual skill sets, and I like them all to have great fantasy impact eventually.

- Finally, it was great to have something in sports to talk about, and get excited about even if only for a weekend. And it clearly wasn't just me as this set a huge record of people watching (likely due to quarantine). So, this was a bit a respite, and I am going to be very glad when we can get something more. Until then, I will try to keep up with the content.

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