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What I've Been Watching (Nov 4 - Nov 11, 2019)

Jack Ryan - Episodes 201, 202

- So far, this seems like a continuation of last season. A somewhat convoluted plotline that the stakes gradually rise as the season progresses, but is primarily an excuse for Jack Ryan to have large scale action sequences.

The Flash - Seasons 5 and 6

- The stakes continue to be high on this show without seeming to get too fanatical. I appreciate the willingness (after the truly unnecessary complaints of too many speedster big-bads) to move to a different type of villain that was threatening while giving us a motivation that was understandable. I also want to applaud the choice of letting Barry and Iris have such a long and touching connection with Nora. It was very compelling.

I have only gotten a few episodes into the new season, but I clearly recognize that every show in the "Arrowverse" will be basically leading their shows up to the Crisis on Infinite Earths plotline. I imagine that they all will either stop or continue in their new directions from that event. However, I am very excited to see all of the appearances coming.

Suits - Season 9

- I finally caught up on the last season of a show I have watched from episode 1 to the end. They had a decent villain in Faye Richardson that, of course, was an existential threat to the firm (because every one of them has been since the beginning). It also did a good job of wrapping up everyone's storylines that felt satisfying for each of the characters. Lastly, it gave us one last piece of the reason we came to love the show in first place, Harvey and Mike riding in to save the day. Thank you for ending on a good note with some well placed fan service.

This Is Us - Ep 407

- This show continues to do one thing that separates it and keeps me coming back for more. It sees the beauty in the simple and every day things that people appreciate, but often we don't see characterized or emboldened in most pop culture. More than any other show, it feels like a weekly appreciation of regular people. This week, we focused on Randall, and it seems like at least the first part of this season will be a 3-man weave between Randall's family, Kate's family, and Kevin's situation. I am curious how they will inevitably tie everything together - most likely on the halfway or Christmas episode.

A Million Little Things - Eps 206, 207

The Good Place - Ep 407

- I am starting to be glad that this is the final season because, as twisting, creative, and existential as this series has been, it feels like a sputtering ending because the best part of the show has been the journey as opposed to the ending. Unfortunately, too many shows are like this, and are unfairly judged by their endings. As my freshman band director once said, people only remember how you started and how you finished.

Superstore - Ep 507

- This show no longer seems to know where to go. Most of the original plot lines have played out by now in Season 5, and they are often grasping at straws trying to make new situations that will provide comedic greatness.

Last Week Tonight - Nov 10

- John Oliver continues to make me laugh hard each week. This week he tackled SLAPP lawsuits, and made a very compelling case for Anti-SLAPP legislation nationwide while simultaneously poking fun (in a rather crude way) at Robert Murray, the man he had been recently sued by.

Patriot Act - Nov 10

- Great episode focusing on mental health and the ways in which insurance companies are incentivised to not cover mental illness. Speaking as someone with both clinical depression and OCD, it was very powerful and motivating.

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